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Here you will view profiles of egg donors all over Nigeria.If you need an egg donor kindly contact us by calling +2347067866986 or email

Photo Name Age Height Marital Status State Ethnicity Why You Want To Be An Egg Donor?
Oluwapelumi 21yrs 5ft 4inches Lagos Yoruba I want to help a couple in need of a child. I believe that children complete a family. I want intending parents who are unable to get a child through natural means to be able to experience the joy kg parenthood. I have good genes so I want to pass them on even before I am ready for childbearing.
Zainab 28yrs 166cm Lagos Yoruba i want to help another person to create life
 good egg donation real 24yrs 5'7 Lagos Igbo I want to be an egg because,i have experienced the joy of mother hood and lots of parent out there want this joy but can't for some reasons, so i want to volunteer to put a smile on the faces of such parent and also i don't have enough resources to cartter for my child and knowing that putting a smile on someone face will also make me smile with it's reward
Ronn 27yrs 5'6 Lagos Yoruba I want to be an egg donor firstly, so that a smile can be put on a woman's face... Every woman deserves to be a mother. secondly, for the money.. I have been unemployed for a long time and I need some money to sustain myself.
Akpata 21yrs 5'8 Lagos Bini I want to help whoever out there that needs children since I'm not yet ready to have and I want to use that money in turn to start up my own business.
Uju 28yrs 5"8" Single Delta Igbo Is not a thing of joy when ever I see the agony in the eyes of a woman looking for a baby and if donating my eggs will help to put a smile to that beautiful eyes of those women, I don't know why I shouldn't.
ginika 22yrs 6.7 Single Lagos Igbo Because I need money to further my education and also to help the couples
Odu 21yrs 6.7 Ebonyi Igbo To bring happiness into the lives of families
egg donor based in akure adebobola 22yrs 5ft Single Ondo Yoruba I need money for my school fees