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Here you will view profiles of egg donors all over Nigeria.If you need an egg donor kindly contact us by calling +2347067866986 or email

Photo Name Age Height Marital Status State Ethnicity Why You Want To Be An Egg Donor?
Joyce 23yrs 5'4 Married Lagos Isoko I want to help other women experience the joys of motherhood.
Fatima 29yrs 5 Lagos Yoruba Everyone knows the joy of a mother hood,and I will happy if am opportune to contributed to one.Such person whom am to help out should just have the assurance of a beautiful,big and chubby baby.One with a caring and lovely heart.Full with God caring spirit.
Temitope 34yrs 6ft Oyo Yoruba its personal
Susan 28yrs 5ft 1 Lagos Yoruba The Reason Why I Want To Donate My Egg Is To Help Women That Are Infertile To Be Able To Carry Their Own Babies And To Meet Ends Need.
Barbara 34yrs 5.2 Single Abuja Igbo To raise funds for my school fees.
stella 19yrs 5"5 Married Abuja Ibibio growing up, I have enjoyed immeasurable love showered on me by my parents, the looks on my parent's faces is amazing. it's just incomparable to any feeling in the world and to imagine that a couple won't be given the opportunity to love a child like that or a child won't have the opportunity to be loved like that is just painful so here I am, willing to donate my eggs to put a smile on the faces of those who are ready to smile at their own baby.
Fasina 31yrs 1.65m Married Lagos Yoruba I want to raise money for my IVF, meanwhile I will be glad if I can do egg sharing with anyone interested, if you can offer to help me with my IVF , I donate my eggs to, by so doing, we will be happy , and I believe we will have our own children.
Ajuma 29yrs 5.8 Married Rivers Idoma I want to contribute to some one's happiness. I cannot have and not want to assist what will cause great joy to others. If this is the only way to make impact on someone,then am fullfilled as a human. I have always looked for a way to make people happy and comfortable. Having kids gives me fulfilment and so, if donating an egg can also make others derive such joy and fulfilment, why not donate?
Emmanuella 23yrs 5.6 Married Delta Bini My major aim in life is to help people in need I want to put lots of smiles on couples faces. I strongly believe that everyone in life deserves a chance to be happy.I can make u happy