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Here you will view profiles of egg donors all over Nigeria.If you need an egg donor kindly contact us by calling +2347067866986 or email

Photo Name Age Height Marital Status State Ethnicity Why You Want To Be An Egg Donor?
Odunayo 21yrs 5.9 Single Lagos Yoruba To help people that have problem of giving birth, and to put a smile on their face.
Oluwafunmilayo 21yrs 5.5 Single Osun Hausa After the death of my dads elder sister who died barren and was really stimatized all her husbands property was seized frim her despite they starting a life together when he had nothing. Right now i am going through alots in school my dad lost his job for awhile now and feeding not to talk of school expenses has become overbearing. I hear you an not run to famiky members or start up a bussiness trust me you ain't in my shoes i have done numerous bussinesses on campus which yielded nothing but tiny hold body cash to hold sould amd body together. Recently too u was scammed of my bussiness money on Ig I reasoned that these eggs were released every month, so why not use it to be a blessing rather than just letting it waste.
Tolani 26yrs 5ft6inch Lagos Yoruba I want to make a family happy,with financial constraints
sandra 21yrs 4"10 Lagos Igbo because of the money involved. And also to help another woman in need of a child
Amarachukwu 25yrs 5:5ft Lagos Igbo To help an infertile woman have children, to give hope to women who can't have children and be a beacon of hope to families in need to children. To make money by the side.
Oluwakemi 33yrs 5f 6 Abuja Yoruba I would like to share the joy of having a baby with a family to bring that heartfelt joy and happiness into their lives and experience the undescribeable joy of holding a cute tiny hand in theirs.
Kemi 33yrs 5f 6 Married Abuja Yoruba I know how it feels having a child in a home so I want to share that happiness to someone too.
Emmanuella 21yrs 5ft 8 Single Lagos Igbo I wnat to be an egg donor so as to help people who don't have children have.... And I also need money to take care of my needs
Elizabeth 26yrs 1.56 Married Lagos Igbo Am a student I want to further more by sponsoring myself