benefit of Egg Donation

There are so many ways egg donation benefits intended parents for the purpose of IVF.A need for egg donation might arise for a number of reasons.Some of the points are highlighted below

  • A female partner cannot have children because her eggs are not good and cannot be used for the process of IVF
  • The chances of her getting pregnant with her own eggs is low so it will be advisable for her to solicit for an egg donor
  • When the patient has an advanced reproductive age
  • Some women experience menopause at an early age so they stop producing eggs as early as their 20s
  • Some women are born without ovaries
  • Some women reproductive organ have been damaged or surgically removed
  • An intended parent who does not want to transfer genetic disorder which might be termed as dangerous to her offspring
  • A couple might both be AS so tan egg donor will be needed to erase the chances of having an SS offspring