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Here you will view profiles of egg donors all over Nigeria.If you need an egg donor kindly contact us by calling +2347067866986 or email

Photo Name Age Height Marital Status State Ethnicity Why You Want To Be An Egg Donor?
Yemisi 28yrs 1.65m Married Lagos Yoruba It is said that children are the light of the world. Some people have numerous children, some do not. I want to be an egg donor to help families in need to achieve their dreams of conceiving. This in turn will help them to be happy.
Itohan 21yrs 5.6 Single Lagos Bini I really want to impact in the world in the little way I can. Children are the heritage of the lord, so bringing them into this world will make this world a more better place in some ways (who wouldn't love the laughs and giggles and cris of a baby in their beautiful homes lol) and also put smile on all expecting parents faces.
Rachael 30yrs 152cm Single Ogun Igbo Because it will be a thing of joy to me to be able to put smiles on people's face.
Ishioma 33yrs 155 Single Rivers Urhobo I have always been a Blood Donor. Right now with the current rate of infertility i feel there is a need for me to become an Egg Donor. It's what i have to give back to humanity.
Ewatomi 22yrs 5.5 Single Kogi Yoruba I need money to treat my sick mom
Irem 22yrs 1.73 Single Lagos Igbo I want to help women in the society who are trying to conceive. I know what if feels like without carrying a child of your own. I want to help a fellow woman like me get pregnant and also give her the opportunity to be called a mother. I love kids also
Patience 27yrs Single Enugu Igbo To help my self in my education, I can from a very poor family.. We find it difficult to eat.. Just to help myself nd also my family.. Am a single mum of of a 2years old girl and am in my HND now to pay my school fees nd to buy text books is war because of money. I having thing of going to prositution but because my family background I can't. Pls I will be gland is I become a member to help my self poverty is killing me. Thanks
Patience 27yrs 3.6 Single Enugu Igbo To help my self in my education, am a single mum of a baby girl of 2 years.. I came from a very poor family we find it difficult to eat. And am also a student in my HND1 I really find thing difficult even to eat nd my text book is war. Am just dying in silent. All the things that coming into my mind is to turn myself as prositude but, I can't due to my family background.. I will be very glad to be one of the donor in Nigeria and Enugu precisely. Thanks
Oyemwen 30yrs 5ft Single Lagos Bini After hearing about the benefits and good it does, I was interested and decided to a part of it and contribute to putting smile on the face of woman who has longed to become a mother.