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Here you will view profiles of egg donors all over Nigeria.If you need an egg donor kindly contact us by calling +2347067866986 or email

Photo Name Age Height Marital Status State Ethnicity Why You Want To Be An Egg Donor?
Tolani 26yrs 5ft6inch Lagos Yoruba I want to make a family happy,with financial constraints
sandra 21yrs 4"10 Lagos Igbo because of the money involved. And also to help another woman in need of a child
Amarachukwu 25yrs 5:5ft Lagos Igbo To help an infertile woman have children, to give hope to women who can't have children and be a beacon of hope to families in need to children. To make money by the side.
Oluwakemi 33yrs 5f 6 Abuja Yoruba I would like to share the joy of having a baby with a family to bring that heartfelt joy and happiness into their lives and experience the undescribeable joy of holding a cute tiny hand in theirs.
Kemi 33yrs 5f 6 Married Abuja Yoruba I know how it feels having a child in a home so I want to share that happiness to someone too.
Emmanuella 21yrs 5ft 8 Single Lagos Igbo I wnat to be an egg donor so as to help people who don't have children have.... And I also need money to take care of my needs
Elizabeth 26yrs 1.56 Married Lagos Igbo Am a student I want to further more by sponsoring myself
Joyce 23yrs 5'4 Married Lagos Isoko I want to help other women experience the joys of motherhood.
Fatima 29yrs 5 Lagos Yoruba Everyone knows the joy of a mother hood,and I will happy if am opportune to contributed to one.Such person whom am to help out should just have the assurance of a beautiful,big and chubby baby.One with a caring and lovely heart.Full with God caring spirit.